How to Join the Club


Membership to the Club is by invite only. In order to receive an invite to become a full time  member, guests should join us for a few sessions in order to be nominated by a member. The committee then votes on whether the membership will be granted (its a bit like the Hells Angels, but without the leather, chains & tattoos). 

The committees decision will be based on the following criteria, in relation to the applicant:

  • adherence to Safety Instructions
  • adherence to the Clubs Code of Conduct
  • general conduct
  • off-road preparedness (Equipment - see below)

Essential Equipment

Once approved, the Member must complete the Application & Indemnity Forms (see below), & pay the annual membership fee. 

Guests don't have to have to have a radio because one can be loaned to you. However, you will need the following basic kit to become a member: 

  • a suitable 4x4 for Atlantis
  • a Fire Extinguisher 
  • good recovery points on your 4x4
  • x2 Shackles
  • Snatch Rope/Strap
  • Jacks suitable for vehicle
  • a pump/compressor
  • a tyre gauge
  • a VHF Radio
  • a permit for Atlantis Dunes
  • sense of humour

  • A safety officer will be appointed for every outing, the appointment of the safety officer will be by a ‘committee members.
  • Because offroading can be hazardous, drivers will have to abide by the Clubs Code of Conduct. It supports responsible four wheel drive recreation, and is valuable only if you observe it.
  • There will be no alcohol consumption until the conclusion of club activities on any club outing. 
  • This is the effect that alcohol can have. 


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