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The Club 

The Atlantis Dune Friday Avie Club
is a social group of 4x4 enthusiasts that have created a club to promote the 4x4 lifestyle, conservation, responsible 4x4'ing with an emphasis on safety and to have a good time. 

As far as vehicles are concerned, we are a multi-brand Club, so various makes of 4x4 are present. Most of the members have made the wise decision to purchase or convert to Jeeps. 

What does the word 'Avie' mean? 

Us South Africans have some unique words and expressions. 'Arvie' means Afternoon. But when we had the clubs stickers printed, we didn't check the spelling properly before the printing was done. So the word 'Avie' appears without the 'r' & we couldn't be bothered changing it (it's a Cape Town thing).

Our Club is now a formalised official club & also a member of The Association of All Wheel Drive Clubs of Southern Africa (AAWDC) 
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When does the Club meet?


Our Club meets at Atlantis Dunes every Friday at 13:30, at the internal car park inside the Main Gate.

Click here for the map. S33 35 54.2 E18 26 55.7. 

Once inside, the members then proceed to prepare their 4x4's for some off-road fun, which mainly involves the deflating of tyres to obtain more grip. 

A safety briefing is then conducted with all drivers present, especially in the event of new guests being in attendance. The convoy then heads into the dunes & proceeds to enjoy some 4x4'ing & general banter. 

The main activity includes selecting various obstacles on which drivers can test their skills & there vehicles abilities. These obstacles range from mild to wild. 

Other Trips:

In addition to the weekly sessions at Atlantis Dunes, the Club also facilitates occasional trips to some of the other 4x4 Trails, in the Western Cape. The Club also plans Quarterly weekend trips away, to some of the further away trails. 

See News & Events for more details, for some recent updates.

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